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Welcome bullet - FREE TO USE by Rueile

G L I T T E R I N G ♣ P E A C H E S



-EXO and Orange Carmel (Bands) - RDJ (Actor) - FROZEN - FOREIGN FILMS (Films)

Quick things that I feel sometimes it's better to say

♦ I work mainly with digital art.

♦ I use ehgiueag, iuehgg, uehg, a lot. This means loss of words.

♦ In regards to the above.. I don't upload as much atm, though still log in and keeping up to date, because of GEM. ;w; GEM is massive project for me and I'm taking it very seriously. But not inactive.

♦ I am very very random~



Project List: No particular Order~~

♦ Big Hero 6 Fan Art (not started)

♦ Gift Art: Angel. (Not Started/On hold. I'm not sure you log on anymore lately. ;w; So will wait.)

♦ New OC Concepts x a lot: (None started. Starts after GEM script complete)

♦ Must redesign "Rory". LOL (not started~Same after script complete)

♦ GEM: SCRIPT: 60 percent ( reviewing/changing parts/ETC)

I know a lot have asked me about GEM, and even though I don't have an exact summary or really want to share too much at the moment~ I will give layout here.


♦ Scripting Final Volumes


♦ Concept works begin. (Concept of all character, profiles, concept art of key settings, scenes, etc. Poses, Outfits,) Not sure if I'll upload all designs for characters here, but there are some few fun ones, though not important, I'd thought be fun to share with everyone. Concept works like settings/etc won't be uploaded as it's more to just help me for reference and consistency in art panels.

Earlier January/Middle of Jan

♦ SLOPPY COPY BEGINS (It's actually kind of already started. But not enough to say completely started. Have about 10 pages~) But- (A copy that is still inked, but super sloppy and basically 'rough' copy. Used more to help get transitions and flows correct.

(?) Earlier Spring

♦ Actual start on Vol 1.

(?) Late Fall: 2015

Hopeful on finishing Vol 1.


Flag Counter


♥ S T A T U S

Needs art now for front page. T_T Then I feel it'll be correct. Love writing, but just need more art!


"Here I am~ Living a dream that I can't hold, Here I am~ on my own."
-TOW. Greek Fire~<3

what's the code for mini youtube player!? D: old one no longer works!


:damphyr:FREE Bubbles Status Buttons: I don't do Trades by koffeelam:damphyr:FREE Bubbles Status Buttons: Gifts are for friends by koffeelam:damphyr:FREE Bubbles Status Buttons: I don't do Requests by koffeelam:damphyr:FREE Bubbles Status Buttons: Ask me about Comms by koffeelam
commissions closed~ Currently no plans to open them up again in near future. Much bigger projects working on~and last time, a commission sit. didn't sit well with me.


Art Featuring GEM from Various Artists.

:damphyr: Featured Piece
glitteringpeaches' OC Hai by angel407
art done by angel407 Go check her work out and watch her art. ;w; Super Nice person and wonderful artist!


top two done by yushuyu and bottom by cnhiansae. There's more, but will find link later. Need a bigger background too.

I will link ones recieved in stash later. It requires me to go back and put code down,find them, etc. TT_TT So will link later


Use my of works. ~ GEM was created by me, and may not be used without my permission. In simple terms:

- Yes. If you are friend, watcher I talk to, etc you can do gift art for me/fan art. I do not mind! (Don't think too much into this ether. If we talk a lot, done art trades, then your okay to draw them!)

- No. Unfortunately, if I have never talked to you, permission should be asked to avoid any misunderstandings. Just given credit when I don't know you will not work for me. ask first~

- No. Icons are not for your use. ;w; I commissioned them personally for myself. Please don't use them~

GEM (c) Me. As I have done this in the past fighting theft issues, I will report if you are using my characters (recoloring, tracing, etc). And I will cont. to report until dA takes action against it. n_n Creating your own designs/characters are much more fun. So let's avoid any situations..



Currently Interested in commissioning for an icon~ PM if you see this. Don't feel like going through massive art to find someone.


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eilujenna Featured By Owner 1 hour ago
glitteringpeaches Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem! :aww:
eilujenna Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Thanks for the fav!
Zee-Oh-Em-Gee Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
You think I did okay on the sky?  I thought it needed more stars.  But I'm glad you liked it!

Also, for consistency's sake, I threw a shadow on the rock and Excalibur for realistic effect. :D
glitteringpeaches Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
;w; Gah! It's in an honor to have someone say that to me! TT_TT  Really! Don't deserve it! Your commission was fun to draw!

But-you're very welcome! ! ! The way you did that sky was really neat. I hope you upload more art soon! :aww:
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